Knowing that we have helped to make a positive financial impact for our clients is the measure of success that means the most to us. The following are just some examples from our agriculture clients:

  • Our client had been experiencing poor financial management and payroll services resulting in a reduced bottom line. We began working with them to produce timely financial statements, engage in proactive tax planning, and correct payroll issues. With accurate financial statements and timely tax planning, we were able to offer a savings to the farmer of $25,000 every year.
  • A client was not able to correctly complete the confusing PA116 return resulting in an audit. We addressed this issue by amending the return. The knowledge of McDonald’s team about PA116 allowed the correction of the agreement, and resulted in a $9000 refund.
  • Our client had a partner pass away and needed assistance in the ease of transition of ownership. With our experience in both farm finance and succession planning, the transfer was simple and easy during a stressful time for all involved.