Change happens. That's especially true in the business world, where changes may be mandated by tax or regulatory requirements, increased competition, shifts in customer needs, or technological advances. Whatever your reason for making a change in your business, managing the process effectively is the best way to succeed. Here are suggestions for handling change.

There’s a lot of talk about social security these days. For many of us, social security payments are a big part of retirement planning. Here are answers to a few basic questions on social security.

If you recently started a business of your own, your challenge now is to make your business as successful as possible. To improve your chances for success, try to avoid some of the common traps that snare new companies.

If you’ve inherited a traditional IRA from someone other than your spouse ‒ say, an elderly parent or grandparent ‒ you may be overwhelmed at first. But once you collect yourself, it’s important to review all your options, taking your personal circumstances into account.

Suppose you’ve just inherited a traditional IRA from your spouse. Before you take any action, make sure you fully understand all the options available to you. Otherwise, you may regret your initial impulses, especially if you haven’t benefited from professional guidance.