Is your business having trouble with cash flows?

For years, McDonald & Associates has helped clients improve profitability and increase revenue. One way we accomplish this is with our Bundled Services program. It provides your company with access to all of our services for a guaranteed monthly price.

To determine your customized set of Bundled Services, we will meet with you to review your current services and any potential future needs. We will then develop personalized program options for you to consider and decide which works best. Once you have approved the program, we will provide the services for a guaranteed monthly price. We will meet regularly to review the services being provided, and your program will be adjusted if needed. With our Bundled Services program, you can rely on:

  • The McDonald & Associates service guarantee.
  • The services you need to be provided on a regular and scheduled basis without you having to worry about requesting them.
  • Knowing exactly what you are paying for.
  • A set monthly price that you have approved to help with budgeting your cash flow.
  • No surprise bills.
  • The McDonald team to act as your outsourced accounting and financial advisors.