Knowing that we have helped to make a positive financial impact for our clients is the measure of success that means the most to us. The following are just some examples from our construction clients.

  • An in-house payroll clerk made inaccuracies in payroll tax, resulting in the client owing $400,000 in past due taxes. After being hired by the client, we prepared payroll reports and represented the client to the IRS. We prepared an offer in compromise, which resulted in the client only paying $54,000.
  • The client was experiencing high workers compensation insurance costs. We conducted a workers compensation audit and were able to reduce the cost of the insurance by 50%.
  • The client was working with an accountant that refused to represent them during an IRS audit. McDonald began working with the client and represented them during the audit through appeals and tax court. In the original audit the client owed $125,000, but through our representation it was reduced to $15,000.
  • The client was paying too much in business and personal income taxes because they had more than one business. The client had three companies that had over lapping payroll, which forced double and triple taxation on the business. We consolidated the businesses by setting up a new company resulting in a lower tax bill.
  • The previous owner of our client’s company did not pay all the payroll taxes. We represented the owner with the IRS and were able to have the penalties abated.