Knowing that we have helped to make a positive financial impact for our clients is the ultimate measure of success for us. The following are just a few examples from our dental clients.

  • The dentist was trying to decide whether to lease or purchase equipment. We researched the options regarding purchasing versus leasing utilizing our banking and leasing relationships. As a result of our analysis, we saved the client $10,000 in interest and increased cash flow by $500 per month.
  • A dentist’s return was selected for an audit. We handled the audit from start to finish and provided audit protection to prevent further audits. The dentist’s return was accepted as filed and no additional income tax was due.
  • Our client was considering retirement and selling his practice. We implemented systems to allow for a smooth transition to the new owner and conducted a proper business evaluation. Because of this, the dentist was able to receive full price for his practice and retire without having to merge it into a larger one.
  • A new dentist approached us to advise him on the type of business entity that would be best when opening his practice. We educated him on the pros and cons of each entity to make the proper choice. Our advice resulted in saving our client $25,000 in income taxes.
  • A dentist questioned why profits were not aligned with the amount of work he was performing. We analyzed his monthly financial data with billing records and monthly comparables. Through comparison analysis we uncovered an employee that was stealing from the practice.