Knowing that we have helped to make a positive financial impact for our clients is the ultimate measure of success for us. The following are just a few examples from our veterinarian clients.

  • A practice was experiencing a shortage of funds. By analyzing financial statements and evaluating financing options we were able to assist in consolidating debt, which increased their cash flow by $4,000 per month.
  • A new doctor was concerned with the amount of income tax being paid. We had several meetings with the client; and through efficient tax planning and strategy, the result was $15,000 in annual tax savings.
  • The office manager was so busy preparing payroll and keeping compliant, she had little time to manage the practice. We took over payroll processing, which allowed the manager to focus on operations, including supplies, food and medications. Overspending and employee theft were reduced, saving them $500 to $1,500 a month with the closer monitoring.
  • In order to offer additional services, the doctors were considering purchasing costly equipment. We assisted in evaluating financing solutions that allowed our client to obtain the equipment and expand the practice in an affordable manner.
  • The doctor suspected employee theft. With our assistance monthly bank reconciliations were prepared and comparative financial statements were put in place. This allowed us to review the profit and loss statement for inconsistencies. Discrepancies were found and systems were implemented to catch the guilty employee and deter future theft.